Art & Science
These two broad areas of intrest are truly at my core. I have always been a creative individual. Through out my life, I have had the fortune to experiment with many types of traditional visual arts. Some of the most common froms that I like to practice are; film photography, pencil drawing or sketching, painting and sculpting with a variety of materials. Parallel to any of my artistic endeavours, I have always expressed a keen intrest for the sciences in general, and communication technologies. Things like physics, mathematics and computer languages can stimulate my mind for hours. Due to my logical nature, I find new media arts like; digital photography, animation, motion graphics and interactive design allow me to utilize the best of both areas of intrest on a more daily basis. For the most part I live life to the fullest with a strong social awareness and a sense of duty to self and society. In my ventures I strive to utilize both areas of intrest equally.

I have post secondary education in computer animation, post-production, video editing, and graphic design. I have attended Schools like Sheridan College, The International Academy of Design and received certification training by companies such as Autodesk (Alias Wavefront), Adobe and Avid. I’m proud to be Canadian and to call Oakville, Ontario home since immigrating from Portugal in 1987. Any one that knows me well, knows that I love to learn and share. However and unfortunately the more I know the more I realize there is yet much to learn. For this reason, most of my work remains private. The goal of this site is to create a virtual platform to introduce some of my work to the world.

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