Hello World,

Today we find our planet in an increasingly chaotic predicament. We have record-setting droughts and wildfires occurring all over the globe, so many hurricanes this season that we have run out of names, super typhoons and floods becoming the new norm, glaciers melting faster than predicted, volcanoes more active than expected and on top of it all, we now have a global pandemic. These phenomena are naturally occurring and regrettably, our way of life has accelerated their processes so that they occur with higher frequency and severity. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to affect them in the now.

In contrast, dysfunctional governance, social inequality, economic turmoil, political uprising, war, the energy crisis, pollution, deforestation and fracking are some of the man-made scenarios that contribute to the natural phenomena. Fortunately for us, these scenarios can all be beneficially impacted by our collective efforts. Starting today I’m going to use this and other channels to affect positive change through my thoughts, words and actions. Ultimately, we are all part of a global citizenry and I believe it’s time I begin to do my part and act as such. If we’re all to embrace this attitude could we Start A Better World?

To be continued



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