Hello World,

The past 6 months have been a difficult time for everyone, some more than others, and I’m certain COVID-19, along with everything else that 2020 has thrown at us, has caused many of us to rethink or reassess our way of life. During this time I have contemplated my life’s journey. Through much critical and compassionate introspection of my past and present, I’ve concluded that I have the potential to be and do more in the future. Not only for myself, my family or my neighbour but also for our community, our country and most importantly our planet. My stark realization is that I can no longer sit by and watch our social and natural environments continue to deteriorate.

Please let me be clear, I don’t mean to disparage the many great things that humanity has achieved to date but there are still many greater achievements to be reached by our collective efforts on the path to excellence. I know there are others out there already doing what they can, and I applaud and follow their lead. Their deeds have empowered me to take action and I hope that in turn, I will empower others to realize their capacity to Start A Better World. I believe, those who have the potential to affect positive change should also embrace the duty to do so.

To be continued…



©2024 Bruno Sousa


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