Hello World,

In 2007 I became an entrepreneur with the intent to create a stable and secure future for my new and growing family. It has been a very enlightening 14 years, full of ups and downs. I’m humbled and grateful for all it has provided in both professional and personal growth. The road has not been easy and that’s ok, after all, you can’t forge strong steel without a great deal of pounding and heat. The truth is, hardships endured result in compelling resolve and appreciation for well-being. When considering the lives of others, I’m filled with a sense of fortune, privilege and potential which powers my newfound purpose and commitment to influence positive change through my business endeavours.

I don’t say this to belittle any work my teams and I have accomplished to date with our clients and our communities. I’m very proud of our people and the solutions that both bitQ and the Brockton Collective have provided over the years and I feel honoured to work with so many great leaders and talented individuals. I know that through our knowledge, time and commitment we have already positively impacted many people’s lives. However, I’m certain that we can do more, and I believe there is a way that we can Start A Better World while doing it.

To be continued…



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