Hello World,

It seems to me that we can no longer leave the betterment of our society and ecosystems to our governing bodies alone. The task is simply too great and we no longer have the luxury of time. To address this, over the next few weeks I’m modifying my business structure and making preparations to launch a new venture with the singular aim to Start A Better World. This entity’s primary focus is on developing and launching service platforms that foster and empower new digital communities to thrive and drive social and environmental progress. I’m confident that together, we will build a greater future through our collective experience, knowledge and effort. By uniting us online, under one banner, this initiative grants us the vision, voice and vigour to affect positive change.

I know I can’t do this alone and I will without a doubt require much support. As a first step, I’m looking to build a dream team of passionate pioneers that are compelled to make a difference. If you feel you would like to contribute or be part of this initiative I would very much welcome a chat to discover how your experience and wisdom can help shape this vision. I truly believe that together through cooperation and technology we can Start A Better World. 

To be continued…



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