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This Sunday, we are super excited to share with you our roadmap to Start A Better World. This outline has been created to communicate how we are building and deploying the world’s first, true, social-good platform. It identifies and defines our multi-phase vision along with the mission milestones and dates for our first phase which seeks to reach the audacious goal to generate and apply $1B in funds towards membership endorsed critical causes. Further, we plan to scale funding by a factor of 10 between phases with the goal to raise $10B in Phase 2 and $100B in Phase 3 at which point all the planned features are available.

As you can see, the potential for social-good is tremendous and it equally facilitates and ensures benefit to all members. The platform has been conceived during one of humanity’s most trying periods and it has been specifically designed to provide the most incentive to all those, that due to CoVID-19, have had their business or employment opportunities impacted including all recent graduates. We believe it can positively impact the lives of ~800K Canadians and ~170M other economically disenfranchised worldwide users. 

To help us Start A Better World, please share this post and sign-up for free at principeum.co.

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